Celebs punch Up Solstice Sunglass Boutique at some stage in Grammy Awards Weekend

Could you repeat that? Would the Grammys (and awards season) be there lacking the amazing gifting lounges?!

Solstice Sunglass Boutique was a solitary halt store on behalf of the up-to-the-minute shades and a slew of stars stopped by to pick up their very own stylish sunglasses! Wiz Khalifa and orangey Rose were emphatically solitary adorable duo. At the same time as a dedicated lover on behalf of all sunglasses, orangey crooked around voguish a two of a kind of Tommy Hilfiger shades and held “Babe could you repeat that? Prepare you think?” Wiz replied with a wink, “Everything looks good quality on you!”

So, who were a number of other stars with the purpose of knock together the rounds to this fabulous gifting suite?

Chris tan slipped on a two of a kind of Carrera sunglasses previously rushing not in the entry and the host of the Grammys, LL Cool J dropped by to make out how sexy he looked voguish the most recent styles.





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